Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 18 - 22 November Catching Up

Well here we are again, still chasing the rabbit and trying to catch up.  Hubby is working midnights this week, so I try to do things that are not overly noisy so he can sleep.

Soooo, based on the above factor, I actually managed to read 2 thick romance books this week.  I haven't had the time or inclination to sit and read like that in a long time.  It was great to lose myself in a book where time or schedules didn't exist.

So on Sunday I wrote an article for our newsletter at the Embroidery Guild on buttonholes and fasteners.  I even drew out diagrams with PowerPoint and included them in the article.  It was fun for me to work on that project and I am hoping the persons who read the article will benefit from the information as well.

Monday I read and then stitched a little on my Real Estate project (The Gameboard Sampler). The afternoon was spent lazing in my chair and playing on the computer.  Simply put I took a day and did down time.

Tuesday was the Quilt Guild in the afternoon.  Now that was exciting!  First of all, instead of the chairs being placed in rows facing the stage (we have 160 members), the chairs were placed in about 8 circle groups.  We had a good turnout, there were 114 members including guests there.  Next as you entered the room, you were given a fat quarter with a piece of ribbon wrapped around it.  The ribbon determined which group you were going to sit in.  My group was purple and we had Joan Reive, a local artist and guest, in our group.  After everybody was seated, slips of paper were handed out and you had to swap your fat quarter with somebody you didn't know in the group and ask them the questions that were on the paper.  It was a wonderful way to meet more people in the guild. 

We also had a lady missionary from Africa who after 18 - 20 years has come back to Canada and is settling in our area.  She is going to join the guild.  She had all kinds of quilts and different fabrics to show us and was a very good speaker.

BUT that wasn't the exciting part.  The excitement began when one of the quilters decided she was going to close the curtain because the sun was in her eyes.  As she closed the curtain, a big bat flew out into the room and landed on a chair in one of the groups at the back of the room.  It was like watching a rock land in the puddle.  You know how the water splashes up and back and then there are ripples in the water.  Well picture 20 some ladies jumping out of their chairs and backing away from this creature.  It was hilarious.  However, one of our more stalwart quilters who lives in the country, walked up, threw some fabric over the bat and took it outside.  But for those few moments it definitely woke every body up.

Wednesday, I went to my sister's again and this time we pinned my niece's quilt which is a Christmas present.  My sister and brother-in-law then proceeded to quilt it.  Wednesday afternoon, I spent doing a few chores and organizing my bag in preparation for tomorrow.

Thursday was Embroidery Guild day.  I had joined a Bargello class and so we continued with the finishing techniques on the Bargello.  We broke up for lunch, announcements and Show and Tell.  Show and Tell had some of the monogram initials that we all had been stitching.  We were then given a sheet of TimTex and told we had to finish off the initial in preparation for it to be put in a book.  Not every body was happy with the idea but it is what it is.  Another tick mark in book or as others would say, your ticket was punched.

Last night Eve and I went  Michaels; she is going to take up cake decorating.  I browsed everything and came home with a box of crayons for the granddaughter, they will go well with her coloring books.  We also went to fabricland, browsed the grocery store and drugstore, stopped at Timmy's and came home!

Friday which is today, I am off to Brighton this afternoon to stitch with the Friday stitchers.  It will also be a bit of a meeting as we discuss whether or not we will continue to stitch at Knowledge and Needles through the winter months or are we going to rotate around each others houses for a little variety.  It is not the same atmosphere when Ann McDonald is not there.

Last but not least, I am slowly cutting back on all my activities, so I can reduce my pile of UFO's.  I need to stay home more to catch up on my quilts and stitching.  I have no plans for this weekend but that can change within a few hours LOL.

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