Friday, November 22, 2013

Keeping Up With The Jones - 9 to 16 November

I have tried very hard to blog every day but the challenge is too great for me.  So I am not going to try and keep up with the Jones but will try a new schedule of one or twice a week.

To bring everybody up to speed, in the past 2 weeks, I have met with friends and had some interesting conversations.  Wednesday 13 November I went to Campbellford for lunch and to purchase fabric for a Mystery Quilt I am going to be doing.  Each month we will get the instructions for part of the quilt.  I have picked greens (bamboo leaves, grasses and wonderful leaf prints) and beige browns.  For contrast I have raided my stash and pulled out fat quarters and scraps that have some of those browns or greens but have other colors like purples, burgandies and golds.  The quilt is going to be very exciting.

While in Campbellford I had lunch with a dear friend at Capers.  The lunch was very delicious.  The sandwich was a clubhouse but instead of tomato, there was shaved apple and the bread was raisin bread.  We had coffee and solved the problems of the world.  It was a lovely day and no stress.  I need more of those days in my life.

Thursday morning  I was at my sister's and another friend was there.  We got out the Go Cutters and cut out shapes for appliqué.  I only cut out the sleigh and reindeer but it definitely motivated me to come home and try a few more things with my cutter.  I came home and cut out poppies and made a post card for the quilt guild exchange.  The theme was Remembrance, so with a few appliquéd poppies, some embroidered crosses and a phrase saying Remember Them.  I was off and running, unfortunately, I didnt think to take a photo. (Senior moment hahahah)

Friday I went to Hoopers at Pine Ridge Knit and Sew.  This is an Embroidery Club for Husqvarna and Janome machines.  We made a trivet which consisted of hexagon log cabin units sewn right in the hoop.  Hexagon units for those of you who don't quilt, are the same pieces as a Grandmothers Flower Garden.  I chose yellow centers, pink floral for the next border and purple for the outside border.  I only have 2 units done because as the weekend came, the project became a UFO until I have time to get back to it.

The weekend came and went.  It was a time for shopping, laundry, and general rest and relaxation.

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