Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 7 - Thursday NaBloPoMo

Today was Thursday and it was Embroidery Guild day.  So off to guild I went in the beautiful sunshine and chilly temperatures.  We had an interesting program, which consisted of  workstations.  The group went from work station to work station and learnt a new technique or history. 
One of the stations was homemade antique buttons by Judith B.   We learned how to make buttons from plastic curtain rings, beads and a pompom template.

The next station was Ann A.  She was demonstrating hand stitched mitered corners on linen.  We all learned a few things from that, like folding in the corner to avoid excessive bulk.  Always stitch top down on the corner.

After that was Anne C. She taught us different fasteners for buttons and how to make a buttonhole by hand that will stand up for 30 years+.

Shirley F.  was showing us how to stitch those little round mirrors onto fabric using the Indian method of stitching.

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