Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5 - NaBloPo Mo

Well Day 5 has arrived with lots of sunshine and a cool breeze.  Today was the day to go shopping for  storm door.  We went to Habitat for Humanity, found a door but realized we hadn't measured our door frame first.  Not all doors are the same size.  Lesson for the day.

So off to Walmart we headed as it was just away down the road in my Toyota Corolla.  There we purchased 5 bags of 20 lb salt for the water softener, 20 lb of birdseed and 18 lbs of kitty litter.  As we are loading these heavy purchases, I thought, we should have taken the truck and it was a good thing, we didn't get the door because the car would be pretty crowded by now.

How many of you have gone to do something and then realized you don't have the right equipment to complete the job or there was an easier method to do the task?

After this trip this morning, I did manage to work on my Christmas ornament I am cross stitching for an exchange and I also eyeballed more fabric to make more bags.

For those of you who read my Day 1 wherein there was a photo of hubby's apron.  I did not purchase the apron with the embroidery.  I put the machine embroidery on that apron myself.

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