Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 18 - 22 November Catching Up

Well here we are again, still chasing the rabbit and trying to catch up.  Hubby is working midnights this week, so I try to do things that are not overly noisy so he can sleep.

Soooo, based on the above factor, I actually managed to read 2 thick romance books this week.  I haven't had the time or inclination to sit and read like that in a long time.  It was great to lose myself in a book where time or schedules didn't exist.

So on Sunday I wrote an article for our newsletter at the Embroidery Guild on buttonholes and fasteners.  I even drew out diagrams with PowerPoint and included them in the article.  It was fun for me to work on that project and I am hoping the persons who read the article will benefit from the information as well.

Monday I read and then stitched a little on my Real Estate project (The Gameboard Sampler). The afternoon was spent lazing in my chair and playing on the computer.  Simply put I took a day and did down time.

Tuesday was the Quilt Guild in the afternoon.  Now that was exciting!  First of all, instead of the chairs being placed in rows facing the stage (we have 160 members), the chairs were placed in about 8 circle groups.  We had a good turnout, there were 114 members including guests there.  Next as you entered the room, you were given a fat quarter with a piece of ribbon wrapped around it.  The ribbon determined which group you were going to sit in.  My group was purple and we had Joan Reive, a local artist and guest, in our group.  After everybody was seated, slips of paper were handed out and you had to swap your fat quarter with somebody you didn't know in the group and ask them the questions that were on the paper.  It was a wonderful way to meet more people in the guild. 

We also had a lady missionary from Africa who after 18 - 20 years has come back to Canada and is settling in our area.  She is going to join the guild.  She had all kinds of quilts and different fabrics to show us and was a very good speaker.

BUT that wasn't the exciting part.  The excitement began when one of the quilters decided she was going to close the curtain because the sun was in her eyes.  As she closed the curtain, a big bat flew out into the room and landed on a chair in one of the groups at the back of the room.  It was like watching a rock land in the puddle.  You know how the water splashes up and back and then there are ripples in the water.  Well picture 20 some ladies jumping out of their chairs and backing away from this creature.  It was hilarious.  However, one of our more stalwart quilters who lives in the country, walked up, threw some fabric over the bat and took it outside.  But for those few moments it definitely woke every body up.

Wednesday, I went to my sister's again and this time we pinned my niece's quilt which is a Christmas present.  My sister and brother-in-law then proceeded to quilt it.  Wednesday afternoon, I spent doing a few chores and organizing my bag in preparation for tomorrow.

Thursday was Embroidery Guild day.  I had joined a Bargello class and so we continued with the finishing techniques on the Bargello.  We broke up for lunch, announcements and Show and Tell.  Show and Tell had some of the monogram initials that we all had been stitching.  We were then given a sheet of TimTex and told we had to finish off the initial in preparation for it to be put in a book.  Not every body was happy with the idea but it is what it is.  Another tick mark in book or as others would say, your ticket was punched.

Last night Eve and I went  Michaels; she is going to take up cake decorating.  I browsed everything and came home with a box of crayons for the granddaughter, they will go well with her coloring books.  We also went to fabricland, browsed the grocery store and drugstore, stopped at Timmy's and came home!

Friday which is today, I am off to Brighton this afternoon to stitch with the Friday stitchers.  It will also be a bit of a meeting as we discuss whether or not we will continue to stitch at Knowledge and Needles through the winter months or are we going to rotate around each others houses for a little variety.  It is not the same atmosphere when Ann McDonald is not there.

Last but not least, I am slowly cutting back on all my activities, so I can reduce my pile of UFO's.  I need to stay home more to catch up on my quilts and stitching.  I have no plans for this weekend but that can change within a few hours LOL.

Keeping Up With The Jones - 9 to 16 November

I have tried very hard to blog every day but the challenge is too great for me.  So I am not going to try and keep up with the Jones but will try a new schedule of one or twice a week.

To bring everybody up to speed, in the past 2 weeks, I have met with friends and had some interesting conversations.  Wednesday 13 November I went to Campbellford for lunch and to purchase fabric for a Mystery Quilt I am going to be doing.  Each month we will get the instructions for part of the quilt.  I have picked greens (bamboo leaves, grasses and wonderful leaf prints) and beige browns.  For contrast I have raided my stash and pulled out fat quarters and scraps that have some of those browns or greens but have other colors like purples, burgandies and golds.  The quilt is going to be very exciting.

While in Campbellford I had lunch with a dear friend at Capers.  The lunch was very delicious.  The sandwich was a clubhouse but instead of tomato, there was shaved apple and the bread was raisin bread.  We had coffee and solved the problems of the world.  It was a lovely day and no stress.  I need more of those days in my life.

Thursday morning  I was at my sister's and another friend was there.  We got out the Go Cutters and cut out shapes for appliqué.  I only cut out the sleigh and reindeer but it definitely motivated me to come home and try a few more things with my cutter.  I came home and cut out poppies and made a post card for the quilt guild exchange.  The theme was Remembrance, so with a few appliquéd poppies, some embroidered crosses and a phrase saying Remember Them.  I was off and running, unfortunately, I didnt think to take a photo. (Senior moment hahahah)

Friday I went to Hoopers at Pine Ridge Knit and Sew.  This is an Embroidery Club for Husqvarna and Janome machines.  We made a trivet which consisted of hexagon log cabin units sewn right in the hoop.  Hexagon units for those of you who don't quilt, are the same pieces as a Grandmothers Flower Garden.  I chose yellow centers, pink floral for the next border and purple for the outside border.  I only have 2 units done because as the weekend came, the project became a UFO until I have time to get back to it.

The weekend came and went.  It was a time for shopping, laundry, and general rest and relaxation.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 9 - Saturday NaBloPoMo

Today was spent hobbling from the car to the door and back again.  We went out for breakfast at Momma's Diner in Quinte West.  The food is great, the coffee perfect and customer service is awesome!

I came home and sat in my chair and had the foot elevated.  Of course, the phone kept ringing and I had to keep getting up to answer it.  That is par for the course, if my foot hadn't bothered me, nobody would call.

So I finally got my ornament for the Virtual Threads swap finished today.  I loved working this little guy, he has french knots for eyes, nose, buttons and holly berries.  The snowflakes are beads.  He is done on 32 count linen and the ribbon around the edge, I gathered and stitched on by hand myself.

Day 8 Friday NaBloPoMo

Hubby was home for the day.  We went into town, ran into some friends and had a nice lunch with good conversation.  I came home and worked on my ornament for the Virtual Threads swap.  I also managed to find backing for my wall hanging and it is almost ready to be quilted and bound.  Photos will follow.

I also managed to trip over my rocking chair and subsequently have damaged my foot. It is all black and blue and walking is very difficult.  Ice and anit-inflamatories help. No point in going to the hospital because they cant do much for broken toes or damaged feet.  They will say ice it and stay off it.

Day 7 - Thursday NaBloPoMo

Today was Thursday and it was Embroidery Guild day.  So off to guild I went in the beautiful sunshine and chilly temperatures.  We had an interesting program, which consisted of  workstations.  The group went from work station to work station and learnt a new technique or history. 
One of the stations was homemade antique buttons by Judith B.   We learned how to make buttons from plastic curtain rings, beads and a pompom template.

The next station was Ann A.  She was demonstrating hand stitched mitered corners on linen.  We all learned a few things from that, like folding in the corner to avoid excessive bulk.  Always stitch top down on the corner.

After that was Anne C. She taught us different fasteners for buttons and how to make a buttonhole by hand that will stand up for 30 years+.

Shirley F.  was showing us how to stitch those little round mirrors onto fabric using the Indian method of stitching.

Day 6 NaBloPoMo

Well Day 6 came and went and I am a few days behind.  Wednesday was a sewing day with my sister, however, by the time I got everything together, I decided maybe just a quick visit and a cup of tea would suffice.  I came home and worked on a wall hanging, put the fusible batting on it.  Then proceeded to cut out another hexagon table runner.  Hubby was on evenings, the weather wasnt that great, so the pussy cats and I watched tv for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5 - NaBloPo Mo

Well Day 5 has arrived with lots of sunshine and a cool breeze.  Today was the day to go shopping for  storm door.  We went to Habitat for Humanity, found a door but realized we hadn't measured our door frame first.  Not all doors are the same size.  Lesson for the day.

So off to Walmart we headed as it was just away down the road in my Toyota Corolla.  There we purchased 5 bags of 20 lb salt for the water softener, 20 lb of birdseed and 18 lbs of kitty litter.  As we are loading these heavy purchases, I thought, we should have taken the truck and it was a good thing, we didn't get the door because the car would be pretty crowded by now.

How many of you have gone to do something and then realized you don't have the right equipment to complete the job or there was an easier method to do the task?

After this trip this morning, I did manage to work on my Christmas ornament I am cross stitching for an exchange and I also eyeballed more fabric to make more bags.

For those of you who read my Day 1 wherein there was a photo of hubby's apron.  I did not purchase the apron with the embroidery.  I put the machine embroidery on that apron myself.

Day 4 -NaBloPo Mo

As I struggle to keep up with blog every day, I put something else on hold.  Yesterday (Day4)  I managed to sew a mesh bag which is ideal for swimming etc.  After careful cutting, a quick trip to the store to buy webbing for straps and binding.  The bag is finished and will be a gift for a family member.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

NaBloPoMo-Day 3

This is getting interesting.  I haven't quite figured out how to link up with the blog for this topic but I will post everyday just because I can.

I have been quilting a lot lately and now have 2 martini glasses full of threads, plus my little frog which sits on my table where i keep my hand work.  As you can see, he has quite a mouthful!

Today was a gorgeous sunny Sunday with a little chill in the air.  I actually saw a lady wearing short shorts this morning while I was wearing my sweater and fall coat.  We went to Barbs Country Kitchen, in Frankford, On and had a beautiful breakfast.  Then out to Home Depot to purchase a furnace filter.  There was every size imaginable on sale except for our furnace size and even though it was the same price, they wouldn't give us the sale price.  We got the standard "Blame Management or blame the manufacturer" speech.  So off to Lowes we went and found exactly what we needed at a reasonable price.

Did everyone get their clocks put back?  Brilliant sunshine at 6:45 am this morning was pouring in the window which was a signal to my 2 cats that I should be up and feeding them.  ARGHHHH!  However, the day passed, I am now relaxed with a full tummy and catching up on emails and my blog.  Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaBloPoMo - Nov 2

Today was an exceptionally busy day for me for a Saturday.  First of all it started with me waking up later than usual (9am), then Simon and I went for breakfast at Momma's Diner.  This is a regular Saturday tradition with us since we have been married (25 years) and we refer to it as our date.  Then we received a phone call from some friends in Ottawa who were on their way South and wanted to visit us in the afternoon.  No problem at this point.

However, they phoned again and said it would be much later in the afternoon they were arriving.  So first, I dropped off a RAK to a dear friend in Trenton, then off to Brighton to spend a gift certificate received from Knowledge and Needles.  I chose fabric and bright colored floss to stitch the Ink Circles Geometric Quaker.  Then off to 10Acre Truck Stop to meet our friends for coffee.  From there it was to No Frills to pick up the essentials of life, milk, pop and chips LOL.  Home again in time to make supper.  Now I am going to my Craft Room to work on a Christmas wall hanging.  I will have photos tomorrow.

NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month

I have decided to try and participate in this for the month of November 2013.  It could prove to be very interesting.

November 1 - United Way Fund Raiser and Breakfast

Hubby, Simon, had volunteered to help at a fund raiser breakfast for the United Way.  He approached me and said I need an apron of my own.  So, out came a black apron and I embroidered on the bib front of it.
Here is the photo of Simon in his apron.  It reads "I dont need Google, My wife knows Everything".  Needless to say, many of his co-workers agreed with that.