Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photos of my Flowers, Pond and Backyard

These are the photos of some of the wonderful flowers found in my garden.  I was playing with hubby's camera which takes photos at a very rapid pace.  There are 10 photos in all, so please enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea.

Look closely at the photo below, did you find the frog?

This is an overall view of my back yard.


  1. Great Flowers! Have fun with DH's camera more often.
    I think I see a frog....

  2. Franny, gorgeous photos! Are the first two of poppies? Opiates? Mmmm, yum! If those are poppies you could make poppy seed dressing or you could eat them by the teaspoonful and get a drug test that would be positive for opiates, LOL! Catch a buzz!

  3. Just beautiful flowers Franny and a lovely pond!