Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25 Rant - Upcoming Canadian Election

The upcoming Canadian election---can we taxpayers really afford to have another election?  While Mr. Harper may not be everyone's favorite choice, he has certainly kept Canada together when the global market was going downhill and other nations were going bankrupt. 

The Liberal party, the Bloc and the NDP are like a bunch of little kids who all want to be at the top and run the country.  But listen to what they are saying---They are alleging that the Conservatives are not doing good bookkeeping.  Did they think we would forget the sponsorship scandal so quickly?  Do we want a different Prime Minister who couldnt make up his mind which country he was going to belong?  Or a Prime Minister who was talking separation not so very long ago?  What about the NDP?  All the changes they want to implement and where do they think the money is going to come from?

As taxpayers we might complain about the cost of new aircraft but dont you think that our military ,who are responsible to protect our soldiers and civilians in time of war, should have decent equipment to fight the war?  Most of their equipment is so old, its considered obsolete by even the Russians--What does that tell you?

So on a closing note if you are going to vote Conservative, lets do it so we have a majority government and we can have at least 5 years before having to pay for another election and have our GST hike.

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